12 nostalgic outdoor games to channel your inner child (2023)

Texas time is upFinallyfeels like spring (thoughPunxsutawney Philpredicted another six weeks of winter) and that's what I'm here for. while myallergiesI could protest, I amTo dieto hang out with friends (safe of course!) and play some adult outdoor games.

It's crazy to think that we are approaching the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdown, but our family is taking the same positive approach as when the lockdown started and making the most of it. That means more art projects than I've done since high school, and I've read more books than I've been assigned... I wish I had that listBoredom Destroyersin March 2020.

But my favorite part? Go outside for some fresh air and play like we were kids again. My family really enjoyed being outdoors, moving in and beingcompetitive.

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And let me tell you that our activities have been fueled in the best possible way. Now that the weather is nice, I can't wait to recreate those "picnic days" with family and friends. If you're looking for ways to safely spend time with your loved ones,read these tipsand keep reading our list of the best outdoor games for adults to get ideas for your weekend plans.

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petanque ball

Bocci Ball is one of the simplest and most competitive games you can play. I grew up with my sisters in my grandparents' backyard, playing bocce tournaments in the backyard, and those games remain some of my fondest memories to this day (although I think we cared more about the color of the ball we had to play than what game). taking care of themselves). The game is played with eight large balls and a pallina, a smaller ball, and the objective is for the ball to land as close to the pallina as possible. While it takes little to no skill or effort, watching the ball land right next to the ball and then rolling it 10 feet away can definitely get your blood boiling.This phraseIt even glows in the dark so the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

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Padel is one of my favorite games and also the one I'm worst at, but that makes it even more fun. I have vivid memories of my parents organizing intense paddle competitions in Galveston Beach as a kid and they made it look so easy. I always ended up getting frustrated with not being able to hit the ball more than five times in a row, so I'll stick to the fact that it's actually an adult outdoor game. While I'm still not sure my family is following the current rules, we'd better count how many times we can hit the ball back and forth without it touching the ground.This set of The Beach PeopleIt's fantastic and makes every player feel like a pro.

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An avid golfer with three daughters who weren't very involved with the sport in their teens, my father loved to set up croquet in the garden and play with my sisters and me. He loved teaching us how to hold the racket and aim as we tried to get the ball through the little hoops. Again, we never really paid much attention to the rules, but it was always a lot of fun to see who made it through the course first. contributing editor,Anna Campbellbest described the game: "It's fun for all ages and looks great on the lawn whether used or not. (Even more perfect paired with mint juleps and sundresses...)” We can only agree.

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Is it just me or have you heard and seen Pickleball everywhere these days? Whether it's an outdoor double date or a neighborhood tournament, everyone is excited about this game. It is similar to tennis, but played on a badminton-sized court with special rackets and a wiffle-style ball. I've noticed that more and more parks are building pickleball courts, and I've even visited some friends' houses where they have their own in their backyard! Find the nearest dish or getthis target setand experience the game that no one can stop talking about.

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square volleyball

While researching the four square rules for my family, I came across this four square volleyball game and have been craving it ever since. It's the love child of classic Four Square and volleyball, and it looks like "I'm addictive" written all over it. The rules are the same as Four Square, but instead of bouncing off someone else's square, dive in! This game is guaranteed to be the main event at your next cookout. However, until I get a net and a set of my own, I'll still be playing traditional four squares, and so should you.

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Corn Hole is one of those classic outdoor games that never goes out of style. It's also a very low-energy game that you can play with a drink in hand and a conversation at the same time. It's essentially a bean bag game played in teams, where each player must do their best to drop their bean bag into the hole on the board. Scoring is also simple: one point for the bag to land anywhere on the board, two if it hangs over the edge, and three if it fits inside. and be creative. I've seen beautiful hand-painted family name plaques and attended a few events where anyone can sign and date the plaque with colored markers, add their footprints, and more.

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Giant Jenga

You might be wondering if Jenga is really an outdoor game, but make it huge and it's no longer safe for the kitchen table... just ask the Senior Producer:michelle nashabout her broken water glass fiasco.When you haven't played, you basically arrange all the blocks in a certain way to build a tower and remove them one by one without it collapsing. Michelle's advice? "Just avoid a windy area and keep all beverages out of the collision radius."This phrasefrom SunnyLife is beautiful and also makes a great gift.

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Spikeball is one of the best outdoor games as it can be played on the lawn, on the beach and even in the pool. This one will definitely get your heart racing as you'll need to be quick on your feet to bounce the ball off the springboard into the middle of the players before it slips away from you. Our employee,Brandy Joy Smith, and his family are huge fans, adults and children alike.

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I know this isn't your typical outdoor game, but when our editor, Anne Campbell, sent me these beautiful backgammon sets, I couldn't help but add them to the mix. She recommends placing the game on a picnic table and it makes a nice decoration too! This is definitely a scene I can get behind: sitting in the backyard, Flatland Calvary playing in the background, a glass of rosé and some friendly competition. The sets are comingVerde,red, jazuland I spend a lot of time deciding which color to add to my game collection.

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No list of outdoor games would be complete without horseshoes. My dad built a homemade horseshoe pit in our backyard when I was little, and even though it's become grassy and overgrown with weeds, I'm dying to fix it. All you need are two stakes, two horseshoes, and a lot of patience to attach the horseshoe to the stake. This traditional Texas game is an editors' favorite,Lauren Zielinski, commenting, "It's actually not as easy as it sounds if you've never played before, and it takes me right back to the little honky-tonk bars with free jukeboxes, open doors and lots of cold Lonestar Deeper beer. "South."". Texas."

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dice ball

While some people might want to ditch Beer Pong in their college days, I highly recommend updating the game and giving BucketBall a try. It's basically the same as traditional Beer Pong, but with bigger buckets and a ball the size of a tennis ball. You can play with or without alcohol, but the alcohol definitely makes it harder, more fun, and it's, well, an adult outdoor game. Take all the fun and competitiveness of the original game, but leave the lukewarm beer and tainted ping pong balls behind. If you have 20 trash cans lying around, you can make them huge and play with a basketball.

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table tennis

While it can be played indoors most of the time, ping pong can certainly be considered an outdoor game. There are many tables built to withstand the weather, so why?I would not do thatyou're playing the game outsidewalking stick, our contributing editor, recognizes that table tennis requires some skill and coordination, but is loved and enjoyed by all.

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