20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (2023)

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20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (1)

Welcome to my local guide to the best restaurants in Dorchester.This historic market town is full of excellent restaurants, pubs and tea rooms. So many that it's hard to choose! To help you choose your restaurant, I've rounded up the best of them in this excellent foodie's guide.

My sister lived in itDorchesterwith his family for years so have spent a lot of time there in recent years and recently moved here.My brother-in-law works in the hospitality industry and they're both big foodies, so of course I reached out to her for advice while writing this post!At least half of the recommendations in this post came from her (thanks Cheryl!). So this really is the most local guide you can get. Enjoy…

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  • The best restaurants in Dorchester
    • Siena
    • Enjoy the brasserie
    • Living room
    • The Flower Shed at Poundbury Garden Center
    • Chale Yalbury
    • to cave
  • Asian restaurants in Dorchester
    • wagamama
    • Rajpoot
    • Kaiseki de Myra
    • King and Thai
    • read garden
  • Dorchester's best pubs
    • Duchess of Cornwall
    • Inn of the Sun
    • brewery
    • coelho jovial
  • Cafes and Tea Rooms in Dorchester
    • Hallo Poundbury Café
    • no green coffee
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The best restaurants in Dorchester

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lunch and dinner

A small restaurant in Dorchester town centre,The Sienna can accommodate a maximum of 16 people,so it has an intimate and cozy atmosphere. It can also be rented privately. Sienna's chef is Masterchef semifinalist Marcus Wilcox. He has created a fabulous menu that promises modern British food with a twist and champions local produce from the west of the country.

A36 High West Street, Dorchester DT1 1UP

Enjoy the brasserie

Breakfast, lunch, snacks/pastries

20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (2)

One of my favorite places for a casual brunch or just coffee and cake isEnjoy the brasserie.It's a lovely airy place with a tasty menu and some really tasty cakes. They also have a very strong focus on local produce. Almost everything on the menu appears to be local, like sausages from the nearby Fossil Farm or coastal cheddar from a farm in Litton Cheney. Even the lettuce leaves are grown locally (in season)! Be sure to check out the new Saturday brunch menu, which is packed with delicious dishes, including many vegetarian and vegan options.

UPDATE August 2022 -The Taste Brasserie closes this month and can be found at the Dorset Museum thereafter.

Calle Trinidad 6, DT1 1UB

Living room

Breakfast Lunch Dinner it's sweetie!

Living roomit's perfect for a fun, casual dining experience.This bar and restaurant is housed in the former red brick Eldridge Pope Brewery. It is part of the Lounges network. So if you've been to one before, you have an idea of ​​what to expect. Quirky decor, lots of board games, a relaxed vibe, and an eclectic menu that ranges from burgers to tapas to avocado brunch. In addition to great cocktails, of course!

23 Weymouth Avenue, Brewery Square, DT1 1QR

The Flower Shed at Poundbury Garden Center

Breakfast, lunch, snacks/sweets and dinner (some days)

A garden center cafe might seem like an odd choice for a restaurant guide, but this is definitely one of the best places to eat in Dorchester!The bottling shedis a café bistro deli in the heart of Poundbury, a charming village suburb on the outskirts of Dorchester.The food is fabulous, with lots of local produce and a distinct Mediterranean flair.Attached to a charming garden centre, the café has a clean style but is also casual and relaxed. They also organize a weekly Friday night tapas night, don't miss it.

Next door, the Olives et Al deli is a fabulous place to buy food and drink.Dorset presents– including a unique local gin.

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Poundbury Farm Road, Poundbury, DT1 3RT

Chale Yalbury

Dinner, Sunday lunch and afternoon tea

On the outskirts of Dorchester in Lower Brockhampton,Chale YalburyIt is very appreciated by the locals. Its award-winning restaurant offers quality local produce in a spectacular setting.Oak-beamed ceilings, exposed stone walls and roaring fireplacescreate the perfect environment to relax with good food and drink. The menu changes daily with varied dishes as well as an excellent Sunday lunch.

They also offer afternoon tea, either in the garden on sunny days or cozy in the cozy lounge in winter. Yalbury Cottage also has a small cafe in Brewery Square. So if you can't make it to the main restaurant, give it a try!

Bass Bockhampton, DT2 8PZ

to cave


Highly recommended by my brother-in-law, to caveIt's an authentic Italian restaurant in Dorchester.They've been serving freshly made Italian food for over 25 years, so you can expect really good stuff! There's a tempting menu of pizza, pasta and risotto, as well as some lesser-known Italian dishes. So you can have your favorite classics or try something new.

57 Eisstraße, DT1 1EW

20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (3)

Asian restaurants in Dorchester


lunch and dinner – Japanese and Asian food

The relatively recent addition ofBrewery SquareDevelopment has brought many modern restaurants and chain restaurants to Dorchester town centre.One of the best of them iswagamama.This Asian and Japanese inspired spot has quickly become one of Dorchester's most popular restaurants. Guests sit at long communal tables and the paper menus serve as placemats -- casual is the name of the game. But as with all branches of this fabulous chain of restaurants, the food is top notch.

Brewery Square, 21 Weymouth Avenue, DT1 1HX


Dinner - Indian food

RajpootIt's probably the best Indian takeaway in Dorchester, but it also has a lovely little restaurant. So it's great if you fancy eating out.The setting is quite simple, but the food is very good,and the menu is varied. As well as all the usual Indian classics, you'll find plenty of new and unique dishes to try.

43 High West Street, DT1 1UT

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Kaiseki de Myra

Scene - Japanese Food

Sea of ​​TripAdvisor,Kaiseki de MyraIt is the most popular restaurant in Dorchester.It is certainly appreciated by the locals,although I haven't tried it yet. Expect authentic Japanese food, including fresh sashimi and sushi. Myra's Kaiseki also has a pretty impressive sake collection!

Calle Alto Oriente 20, DT1 1HH

20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (4)

King and Thai

lunch and dinner - Thai food

King and Thaiis another of the most popular restaurants in Dorchester. Decor is simple and contemporary, and the quality of the food really shines through.They source all their meat locally and only use fresh fish.So the quality is excellent and the menu is full of authentic Thai food as well as some Asian fusion dishes.

Great West Highway 35, DT1 1UF

read garden

lunch and dinner - Chinese food

A familiar and welcoming Chinese,read gardenIt's a popular take-out spot, as well as an excellent restaurant.The decor is simple but the food is really, really good.Expect all your favorite Chinese classics, including Crispy Chili Shredded Beef (my favorite!).

Calle Alto Oriente 45, DT1 1HE

Dorchester's best pubs

20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (5)

Duchess of Cornwall

One of my favorite pubs in Dorchester this has to beDuchess of Cornwall. It is operated by the local Hall & Woodhouse network,whose brewery in nearby Blandford Forum produces the exceptional range of Badger Beers.Expect great food and drink including a fabulous selection of beers and local ales. The interior is impressive; A huge space with high ceilings and huge windows whilst the decor feels like a contemporary take on the typical British pub.

12 Queen Mother Square, Poundbury, DT1 3DD

20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (6)

Inn of the Sun

lunch and dinner

my sister says soInn of the SunIt's the best place for a roast and pub crawl.It's on the outskirts of Dorchester, in the village of Lower Burton, so you can do ita nice walk along the river Fromebefore landing at The Sun in time for lunch or dinner.

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Roast isn't just for Sundays, as their famous roast is open seven days a week. There's also a seasonal à la carte menu, featuring pub classics as well as more unusual dishes. In summer you can sit outside in a flower-filled courtyard, while in winter you will find roaring fires in the cozy interior.

Das Sun Inn, Bajo Burton, DT2 7RZ


Recently renovated and expanded,brewery and kitchenin Dorchester feels like a modern twist on a classic British pub.It's a beautiful red brick building with a sleek interior filled with exposed brick walls, copper-colored brewing equipment, and a unique chandelier above the bar made from old beer bottles. The food is fabulous (try the beer chicken!) and the atmosphere is lovely. Above all, however, the brewhouse is a paradise for beer lovers. They serve several local beers as well as regularly rotating beer kegs for guests. They also brew their own unique beers in their on-site microbrewery.

27 Avenida Weymouth, DT1 1QY

coelho jovial

coelho jovialit is a small micro barTucked away on Trinity Street in Dorchester. This is another must for beer lovers; They stock a wide range of UK and independent microbrew beers. The beers change regularly, so there's always something new to try. They also host game nights, entertainment, and the occasional vinyl night. And if you want to eat something, you can buy pizza in the neighboring pizzeria.

1 Trinity House, rua Trinity, DT1 1TT

Cafes and Tea Rooms in Dorchester

20 of Dorchester's Best Restaurants - A Local Guide (7)

Dorchester is full of charming tea rooms and pretty cafes.Perfect if all you're in the mood for is coffee and cake! These are some of the best in town...

Hallo Poundbury Café

hello coffeeIt's a lovely little cafe and coffee shop in Poundbury.It is best known for the beautiful homemade cakes,that are made with seasonal flavors. But they also serve brunch, snacks and light lunches, all fresh and cooked to order. Bonjour Cafe also hosts regular dinners, usually on weekends.

Baby Walk 4, Poundbury, DT1 3TR

no green coffee

no green coffeeis one of the most popular cafes in Poundbury.It's actually a training café,where young adults with learning difficulties have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. With your visit you not only support a good cause, but you will also be rewarded with a charming atmosphere and first-class food. Don't miss the homemade cream teas!

7 Dinham Walk, Poundbury, DT1 3WU

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Is there anything missing from this list of the best restaurants in Dorchester? Tell us in the comments!

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