Ayres Hotel Awards - History of the Ayres family (2023)

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Ayres Hotel Awards - History of the Ayres family (1)



At Ayres Hotels we believe that a hotel experience should take you to the highest levels of hospitality. Our hotels strive every day to make your stay even better. That's why we've developed a rewards program that outperforms all others, allowing you to quickly earn points and redeem them for free nights at any of our beautiful hotels. Ayres Rewards truly elevates your journey.

* Redemption fees are subject to change. Visit rewards.ayreshotels.com for the most up-to-date rates

35.000 Allegretto Vineyard Resort von Ayres
8.500 ALO Hotel de Ayres
(1.10. - 25.5.)
(26/05 bis 30/09)
Ayres Lodge Alpino
15.000 Ayres Hotel Anaheim
8.000 Ayres Hotel Chino Hills
12.000 Ayres Hotel Chula Vista
7.000 Ayres Hotel Corona Ost
(01.10. - 31.04.)
(01/05 - 30/09)
Ayres Hotel & Suites - Costa Mesa
7.500 Diamond Bar Ayres Suiten
(01.10. - 31.04.)
(01/05 - 30/09)
Ayres Hotel Vale das Fontes
12.000 Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach
(01/09 - 31/06)
(01.07 - 31.08)
Ayres Hotel Laguna Woods
9.500 Ayres Hotel & Spa Mission Vieja
9.000 Ayres Suites Mission Viejo
8.000 Ayres Hotel & Spa Vale Moreno
8.000 Ayres Hotel Ontario Mills Shopping Mall
8.000 Ayres Suites Ontario Mills Shopping Center
12.000 Ayres Hotel Orange
7.000 Ayres Hotel Redlands
(01.10. - 31.04.)
(01/05 - 30/09)
Ayres Hotel Praia da Foca
(01/05 - 30/09)
(1.10. - 30.4.)
Ayres Hotel Vista Carlsbad
8.500 Ayres Suites Yorba Linda
(01.06 - 30.09)
(1.10. - 31.5.)
Ayres Olympic Store

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Ayres Hotel Awards - History of the Ayres family (5)


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*Gift cards are subject to availability. Those not listed on the rewards portal may be available upon request at Rewards@ayreshotels.com.

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Ayres Hotel Awards - History of the Ayres family (6)

355 S. Bristol, Ste. K, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (855) 50-AYRES rewards@ayreshotels.com

high journey

Start a proud legacy

Ayres Hotel Awards - History of the Ayres family (7)In turn-of-the-century California, long before the glory days of Hollywood, the weather and the oranges were the main draws. A $2 train ride brought thousands of visitors to the Golden State. Many stayed. Among them was Frank H. Ayres, who came from Ohio with his wife and son Donald to explore land development opportunities. After successfully purchasing eight small farms in the Mid-Wilshire area for his Ohio employer, Frank formed his own company, Frank H. Ayres & Son, to develop land throughout Los Angeles County. It was 1905. And a proud legacy had begun, a real family tradition. The Ayres luxury real estate development brand would soon make a name for itself in Southern California.


By the 1920s, film production had become a full-fledged industry. The demand for land and houses has increased significantly. Then Don Ayres, Sr. joined the family business. This father-son team increased productivity while continuing the family tradition of quality, value and service. Over time, Ayres' perseverance and vision became the foundation of entire communities in the Los Angeles area.

Ayres builds its reputation on the houses

World War II ended and the real estate boom began. In 1957, Don Ayres Jr. joined the company and launched housing interests through the development of subdivision communities, further continuing a family tradition of quality land development. Combining versatility and innovation, the company was now poised for exponential growth across a variety of ventures. Over the next decade, the Ayres brand became a household name, creating distinctive homes in well-planned areas stretching from the San Fernando Valley to San Diego.

Ayres builds its reputation on hotels

Don Jr developed the concept of a European boutique hotel after a trip to Europe with his daughter in the early 1980's. Homes by Ayres was now a trusted name in homebuilding and Don Jr began applying his winning formula to meet the growing need for hotels cover . The company opened its first hotel in 1984. Since then, Ayres has continuously adapted to changing market needs without losing sight of the importance of friendly service, cleanliness and the value of the Ayres hotel brand.

The first hotels developed by the Ayres family were called Country Inn and Country Suites and were renamed Ayres Hotels in 2001. Today, Ayres Hotels develops, manages and owns prestigious hotels such as Ayres Inn, Ayres Inn & Suites, Ayres Hotel & Suites, Ayres Hotel and Ayres Hotel & Spa. All hotels are widely recognized for their value, quality and comfortable environment. The unique blend of luxury and ambience draws guests to this growing family of hotels. From European boutique elegance to home comforts, each has a unique Ayres character and charm. Inviting lobbies with beautiful fireplaces, handpicked antiques and vintage art prints are just a few of the special touches you can find at Ayres Hotels. No expense is spared to make you feel special. Our rooms combine old world charm with new world service from attentive staff and modern amenities.

The family tradition continues

Ayres Hotel Awards - History of the Ayres family (8)Today, the Ayres family tradition of quality and value is stronger than ever. He ensures that all Ayres hotels are expertly designed and managed, with excellence and meticulous attention to every detail. Through steady growth, Don Ayres Jr. ensured that all aspects of hotel ownership and management received unparalleled attention.

Allyson Ayres, daughter of Don Jr., brought her interior design talents to the new hotel development while her son, Don Ayres III, built the operations. His brothers Bruce and Douglas spearheaded new hotel development, elevating the Country Inn and Suites concepts to the grand scale of the Ayres Hotel.

Today, Bruce Ayres, Don Ayres III, Douglas Ayres and Allyson's husband, Bruce D'Eliscu, actively lead new projects, ensuring that existing hotels are well maintained, team members are committed to exceptional service and everything is in order. Janet Ayres, wife of Don Jr., now directs design and quality programs that preserve the hotel's collection as a unique blend of traditional and contemporary.

Other members of the executive team, including experienced real estate and hospitality professionals, James Roos, President, Gregg Kleminsky, Vice President and Controller, and Tom Asnon, Chief Financial Officer, help manage day-to-day operations and administrative matters. What sets Ayres Hotels apart is the fact that three generations of the Ayres family are busy every day acquiring land, approving projects, directing works, decorating interiors, checking breakfast, inspecting rooms and customers and to receive guests. From pioneering home subdivisions to building prestigious residential communities, the company founded by Frank Ayres has been widely recognized as an industry first. For nearly a century, the Ayres name has clearly demonstrated a reputation for ingenuity, persistence, and planning unparalleled in Southern California.

To this day, Ayres projects draw on the extensive knowledge and experience of four generations of family businesses. And as the Ayres family strives to meet the evolving needs of their customers, the opportunity for further expansion is always within reach.

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