Explore the past in the Historic Center of Fernandina Beach (2023)

For many of us, when we visit a coastal complex, it is not just about drinking a drink on the beach and passing. Specially when you like the historical places of the south and hospitality, Amelia Island is a great place to visit.

You can enjoy ourAmelia Island vacation rentalsThe hotel is at the corner of excellent views, restaurants and even shopping.

Although there are many fun things to do on Amelia Island, one of the best options for history, interested and romantic is the historic center of the city in Fernandina Beach.

About El District Historical of Fernandina Beach

The city of Fernandina Beach is the heart of the island of Amelia and the last city founded by the Spaniards before Florida became part of the United States. By this reason, the historic city center in Fernandina Beach has many buildingsancient. The objective may have changed over the years.

Some notable parts of the Historical District of the island of Amelia are the oldest bar and lighthouse in Florida. in the time.

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Where we must eat

If it is too much to be seen, it will surely build an appetite while exploring the historic center of the city of Amelia Island. Spain, where you can enjoy a paella, traditional Spanish tapas and other famous dishes. It is familiar and highly friendly evaluated by inhabitants local.

Another option to use the tradition of the island of Amelia are the seafood. For example, the Haveschs of the Marine Sea of Timotis, including shrimp and fish. It is the heart of the American shrimp fishing industry.

For an adult, we recommend the historic Palace Saloon, which is the oldest consumption device in Florida, which leaves the pre -ban.

While everyone likesGood food on Amelia IslandDo not forget to try something traditionally south. Outdoor margins deliver boiling.

Of course, there are many other options that correspond to your liking. For example, you will find Cuban, Japanese, Italian, French and Mexican cuisine. There are something for everyone, from larger generations to young families with a small budget.

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Where to buy

While you like Amyelia Island apartments, you may want to buy. Amelia Island has many exclusive stores and boutiques that sell almost everything you can imagine. In some art galleries, for example, you can see local artists together with classicsCurious timeless ones, traditional stores sell nautical art that will remember themAmelia Sefahrer -Pastel IslandsAnd a field store sells ice cream, local ornaments and incidents that you forget to pack.

People who want to relax even more can enjoy a spa treatment in one of the various spas on Amelia Island. OR promotes their creativity in a real art study that is open to the public.

If you like water sports, you are dedicated to several stores. Prepare a new surf table, improve your fishing equipment box or buy your child the first fishing court. To enjoy water and family.

Things to do

No matter your interests, there are manyDo things on Amelia IslandPeople who visit the historic city center in Fernandina Beach can visit the old buildings, explore the sea on the island or visit a museum.

One of the best options, if you are a historical person and wantNational Historical Site, so there is a lot to do.

If you do not want to run, try a car or stroller.IDia also offers a Spook Fernandina tour on a few nights.

Plan your visit to Amelia Island

If the exploitation of the Historic Center of Fernandina Beach Town seems a fun moment, this would be the perfect time to plan your vacation on Amelia Island. Find a stay in one of our island of Amelia today!

Check out all income

Another great attraction is the lighthouse of Fernandina Beach. This is one of the few headlights of the colonial era. You can visit the lowest lighthouse levels in the days of the week.

Take a look at the Amelia Island History Museum on a rainy day. This is accommodated in one of the old arrests, and the interior still has cell beams. It can take a look at how the island once kept its prisoners and handledJustice.The museum also covers other historical issues and has a children's area. An excellent way to have familiar fun without seeing them remoteAmelia Island Beach Rental Company.

Where to sleep

Speaking of beach places, even the most active tourist needs that need to spend the night after a long day. Our rent is perfect for couples and groups and is a perfect luxurious experience to relax after buying hours, spending views and traveling in ourDreamy City

Reserve a stay with us. Properties with a pool in which you can relax all day. There is better way to relax than with ours with fully equipped kitchens, furniture and beautifully sleepy sleep areas and luxurious to relax!

The best thing is that we can even rent houses for families and numerous places for families and numerous places for a modest family reunion.

Ultimately, ourAmelia island rentalThey are the best option when it comes to renting all sizes. They obtain more privacy, excellent view and flexibility of the home without all stress.To fulfill it.

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