List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (2023)

Digitizing files and images no longer requires large machines. A camera phone can scan files efficiently using popular Indian document scanning apps. These inexpensive solutions are good alternatives to Indian CamScanner apps and are very secure.

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (1)

Now that CamScanner app is banned in India, you can try different Indian scanner apps to find your favorite app. The best document scanning apps capture scans with your phone's camera before saving them in editable formats.

List of 11 Best Indian Scanner Apps in 2023

Here is a list of the best Indian scanner apps in 2023 as CamScanner alternatives:

  • The document scanner
  • Kaagaz Scanner - Scanner App from India
  • AIRScanner: India CamScanner app
  • Indian scanner app
  • Tap Scanners
  • Scanning photos
  • Adobe-Scan
  • Primavera oder Microsoft Office
  • Scanner professional
  • TurboScan
  • Scanners for Google Drive
  • The document scanner

Document Scanner is a document scanning application that is used to scan images, receipts, documents and reports. The best scanner software made in India also makes it easy to recover scanned documents. The scanner application is also used to rotate and crop scans.

Document Scanner is an easy-to-use application that records all the scans you make so you can refer to them whenever you need them. Also, cropping images and converting them to PDF is easy with this document scanning app.

Key features of DocScanner:

  • Editing and importing files
  • Grad-Layout-Modus
  • Share PDFs
  • Batch-Scan-Modus
  • Easy page size management
  • PDF Converter for file conversion

Document scanner price:In-app purchases for Doc Scanner software start at ₹137.

  • Easily scan documents of required size and format
  • Documents can be password protected for better protection.
  • Fast process to recover documents
  • quick search option
  • Impressive scan quality
  • Best for organizing PDFs
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Automatic rotation for PDF files sometimes doesn't work.
  • Kaagaz ScannerKommentar

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (2)
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Kaagaz Scanner is an Indian CamScanner application that is widely used for scanning documents and saving PDF files. Apart from quick scanning, this Indian scanning app also allows you to share documents via email and other social media channels. Kaagaz is one of the best Indian apps like CamScanner that also supports fast automatic edge detection.

You can also scan in five different scanning modes in eight different Indian languages ​​via the app. The user-friendly solution is ideal for scanning invoices, business cards and documents. You can even select any document on your device to save in Kaagaz Indian App for further scanning.

Kaagaz Indian Scanner App Features:

  • Automatic document categorization
  • scan image
  • Multilingual support
  • filter and cut
  • magic color option
  • Multiple screen modes
  • AR-Scanner

AIRScanner is an Indian document scanner app with an AI-powered reading assistant. Indian scanner app is very safe as it saves all files in pdf format in local storage of your phone.

Also labeled as a reading assistant, AIRScanner is currently only available as an Indian scanner app for Android devices. The app is one of the best scanner apps in India as it also supports features that aim to make English reading experience an easy process for everyone.

Key Features of AIRScanner Indian Scanner App:

  • AI dictionary to understand the meaning of words in a scanned copy
  • AI Narrator that helps you hear the text on a scanned page
  • Multilingual support
  • Share documents across multiple apps
  • Image Quality Control
  • is one of the most popular Indian scanner apps like CamScanner. This Indian document sharing app is available for free. It is a secure solution that does not require user login. Scan or share, both are easy with's scanner app.

This Indian scanner app for Android and iOS devices can also be used to convert image to text. Fine-tuning scans for contrast and brightness can be done quickly with With multiple filters, you can even scan pages of a book easily with this Indian scanner app.

Features of Indian Scanner App:

  • Multilingual support
  • Text extraction
  • OCR or Optical Character Recognition
  • handwriting recognition
  • image processing

Suggested Literature:Top 10 OCR Apps to Convert Image to Text

  • Tap Scanners

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (4)

Turn your phone into a pocket scanner with the TapScanner scanning app. Scan all types of documents and convert them to PDF format with this scanner app. It is considered as one of the best scanner apps in India for its functional user interface and multiple image settings.

You can also use this scanner app to scan receipts and cards. Managing scanned documents is easy with TapScanner document scanning app as you can even export scanned files to PNG or PDF format. End users can rest assured that the software can automatically detect edges before scanning begins.

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TapScanner features:

  • Crop, borders and filters
  • Automatic document edge detection
  • Search tool for document recovery
  • PNG file sharing support
  • electronic signatures
  • PhotoScan by Google

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (5)

Use a phone camera to scan pictures and save them with PhotoScan scanner app. Automatic edge detection and dull image scanning are the popular features of this scanner app. Additionally, the application offers editing controls along with advanced filtering options.

Improve the quality of your scans, add digital effects and organize them with the PhotoScan scanning app. Using your phone's camera, point to the image or file and click on the scan option. Scans can be analyzed for edges and edges and, if necessary, their corners can also be adjusted.

Photo Scanning Features:

  • Perspective Correction
  • intelligent rotation
  • Merging multiple images
  • Import photos
  • Autocorrect
  • Eliminate reflections and glare
  • Adobe-Scan

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (6)

Adobe Scan is one of the best scanner apps in India with OCR technology and PDF creator. Similar to the CamScanner app, Adobe Scan runs an automated scan that you can share via email. These scans can also be stored in a document cloud for quick access.

In addition, you can use the platform to crop multiple images, edit and automatically capture all scans. End users also prefer Adobe Scan because it can be easily integrated with other applications on their devices. The scanner app for Android and iOS devices also supports multiple languages.

Adobe Scan features:

  • Automatic non-contact scans
  • Page rotation and color correction
  • text recognition language
  • automatic flash
  • Reorder pages
  • color correction
  • Primavera oder Microsoft Office

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (7)

Primavera oder Microsoft Officeis a popular document scanning application implemented to capture information from whiteboards, documents, menus and business cards. This document scanning app can also capture images without text.

You can use the Microsoft Office Lens application to perform functions similar to CamScanner such as: B. removing shadows and removing awkward angles. End users can import the scanned files into platforms like PowerPoint, and OneNoteA ride. The scanner app for Android, iOS and Windows offers you the option to save files in editable formats after the scan is complete.

Main Features:

  • text editor
  • OCR-Technologie
  • scan identity
  • data exchange
  • PDF conversion
  • image preprocessing
  • Scanner professional

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (8)
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Scanner Pro scanner app in India makes it easy to scan and share the captured documents. The application is known for its shadow removal module that automatically removes shadows from a scanned page.

OCR functions can be used to convert text into editable text. Additionally, Scanner Pro offers its users the ability to run multiple scans at the same time. Books, ID documents or contracts, this scanner app is ideal for all types of files. You can convert any of these scans to PDF and save them securely on your device.

Main Features:

  • picture settings
  • Group multiple scans
  • Change of file name
  • One-click guide to add data
  • Low/high resolution to save images
  • TurboScan

List of 11 best Indian scanner apps like CamScanner (9)

TurboScan is a multiplayer scanner that is considered ideal for notes, whiteboards, receipts and other documents. The best thing about this CamScanner app is that it can be used to capture multi-page documents.

The "Email to myself" feature is another cool module that allows you to send files to yourself if you want to save them in emails.

Scanning and sharing multiple documents is easy with TurboScan and can be shared in JPEG or PDF format. Adding new pages to scans or deleting a specific page is easy with this scanning app.

TurboScan Resources:

  • Bildimport
  • Automatic document edge detection
  • Perspective Correction
  • document naming
  • sharp scans
  • Reorder pages
  • Sperrcode
  • Scanners for Google Drive

Scan documents and save them to Google Drive as searchable PDF files with Google Drive Scanner. Bills, receipts and letters can be scanned with this document scanner app. The built-in search tool can be used to search any text in a document.

The software is based on processing intelligence which in turn formats the scanned document instantly, just like the CamScanner application. Scanned documents can also be edited with Google Drive Scanner. To use the app, all you have to do is click on the "Create Document" section and select the "Scan" tab to start scanning a file.

Google Drive Scanner Features:

  • powerful search engine
  • Instant file saving in PDF format
  • Offline-Weg
  • Integration mit Gmail
  • share documents

Which Indian document scanner app do you use?

IndonesianDocument Scanner Appsare brilliant solutions for all your scanning needs. Forms, notes or documents, scanning is as easy as saving to PDF or any other format. You can also use the platform to scan multiple pages into one PDF file. Color correction, page reordering, shadow removal and cropping are some more functions that can be performed with Indian scanning apps. You can check out this short list of modules here to get a good idea of ​​how a document scanning application works.

  • Reliable text recognition
  • different color modes
  • Document storage and synchronization
  • Option to extract images from text.
  • Image Correction Tools
  • Load document
  • Shadow and light adjustment
  • Multilingual support

Scanning documents with an Indian scanner app is as easy as exporting it to any of your favorite locations. The built-in OCR technology is not only suitable for converting text, but also for searching documents using a specific search term. Save all your scans and access them from anywhere with scanner apps.

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Most ad-free Indian scanner apps are safe and do not store your information. Most of these apps offer free versions along with cross-platform features for wider usage. Take scans, export them in a format of your choice and share them with other employees at the same time.

frequently asked questions

  1. What is the best software for scanning documents?

    The best scanning software for better document management and business efficiency are InsSig OCR solutions, Pocket Scanner, PaperSave, FineScanner AI and GoFileRoom.

  2. Which app is better than CamScanner as PC software?

    Doc Scanner with its advanced document processing features is the best for managing document scanning workflows. Its main features are:
    * Easily send/print scanned documents directly from the app
    * Page edge detection
    * Share JPEG/PDF files
    * Fast document scanning
    * Page size management

  3. What is the best free scanning software?

    The best free scan programs to recover, share and capture scanned files are:
    · office lens:To improve the image quality of scanned documents
    · CRISTAL DM:For capturing, managing and retrieving documents
    · Easy scanning:It is an easy-to-use application for scanning documents quickly.
    · Windows-Scan:Supports touch input to scan documents

  4. Is Document Scanner an Indian app?

    Yes, Document Scanner is an Indian document scanner app that offers an improved user interface and an advanced PDF toolkit.

  5. Is Adobe Scanning Free?

    Adobe Scanning is free for mobile and compatible with Android/iOS systems. Adobe Scanning for PC requires you to pay monthly fees. The Pro version costs ₹1014 while the standard version costs ₹879.

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