Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (2023)

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (1)

Have you heard of the Honky-Tonk Highway? is one ofmanyThings Nashville is known for.

List of the 7 rivers in Nashvil...

List of the 7 rivers in Nashville

At the end of Broadway, Nashville is thePlaces to eat, drink, dance and listento the sound of the best live music in the world. You will find that the food in every bar and pub has a theme. They range from Southern Dive Bars, Tennessee Barbecue, and Mexican, or they may be favorites of the country artist who founded them. What they have in common is good live music and a fun atmosphere.

Have you ever wondered where the bars are on Broadway in Nashville? or how many are on Broadway in Nashville?

The bars are located at the bottom of Broadway. The historic Strip has more than 30 bars and honky tonks that play live music 24 hours a day. The entire Honky Tonk Highway is walkable and there are no entrance fees. Remember to tip the musicians. Across the street is the Bridgestone Arena where you can catch a show. At the top of Bottom Broad is the new 5th and Broad development, a great place for shopping.

Nashville's Lower Broadway is steeped in Civil War history. Many buildings used as honky-tonks today were hospitals or warehouses in the 19th century. In this guide, we've provided a list of Broadway Nashville bars, but we'll focus on the best ones. Broadway also includes some of theBest bars for live music in Nashville.For instructions on how to dress, seeClick here.

The most famous bar in Nashville is the Tootsies Orchid Lounge.Read more about it here.

Consult our list of hotels in the interiorwalk to Broadway.

Nashville's Best Bars on Broadway

The 12:30 Club

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (2)

The Twelve Thirty Club occupies an entire block in Nashville on Upper Broadway. The first floor is now open with a live music honky tonk showcasing up and coming talent. They serve American food, such as pork belly meatballs and burgers.

The building also includes an intimate cocktail lounge with well-crafted drinks and a sober atmosphere. The Supper Club (opened September 28) is the third floor with an adjacent rooftop bar. This is a totally different experience with Wagyu beef, ricotta tartines and grated black truffle. To complement the food you will find a well-stocked wine wall.

Robert's Western World

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (3)

Located at the end of Broadway, this cornerstone of the Nashville music scene sits in the shadow of the Ryman Auditorium. The building itself is historic, dating from the Civil War and used as a river merchant's warehouse and office. Roberts is arguably one of Nashville's best Broadway bars and one of Nashville's best Broadway music bars.

Roberts has seen some of the best known musicians and you will find the most talented bands of any era.

They're open until 3 a.m. and serve cold beers and drinks, burgers, fried bologna sandwiches, and more.


Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (4)

The Stage on Broadway offers great country music and describes itself as a "loud country bar." Bands change every few hours from 10:30am to 1:00am on 4 stages. They are also known for their friendly staff and cheap cold beer. Be sure to take the time to visit the rooftop bar. You have the option of staying inside or going outside for a drink and a chat.

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Big Honky Tonk und Rock'n'Roll Steakhouse de Kid Rock

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (5)

Kid Rock's Honky Tonk is the largest bar on Broadway with five floors, four stages and six bars. It has capacity for about 2000 people. Be sure to check out the super high ceiling on the 5th floor for incredible views of downtown Nashville.

The kitchen serves famous dishes, including the signature 36-ounce Tomahawk Ribeye steak. Do you love sports? Check it out on the big screen, 4K TVs on every floor.

Honky Tonk Nudes

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (6)

Nudie's is world famous and is located at 409 Broadway. Nudie was a Ukrainian seamstress who came to the United States and designed beaded-embellished suits known as "Nudie Suits." She also customized cars, including silver dollar-studded dashboards and piston door handles. One of her cars, a Cadillac El Dorado, now hangs on the main stage wall. Nudie has also designed costumes for Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elton John, and Elvis.

Nudie's is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 3 p.m. m.


Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (7)

Tequila Cowboy is a bar and grill with a huge and delicious menu. They are located at 305 Broadway and reservations are not required. They are open from 11 am - they close every day. They are a live music venue with an amazing music and stage system. Come ready to party! The live music list will amaze you. Find out about upcoming music and eventsHere.

The bar also offers a karaoke bar, private parties and bachelorette parties. Registration is not required for bachelor parties. Just drop by and have fun!

AJ's Good Time Bar

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (8)

Founded in 2016 by country music star Alan Jackson, AJ's is the oldest building on Broadway. The rooftop bar offers incredible views of Nashville as well as multiple floors. Each floor reflects a facet of Alan's career.

The building was previously a Civil War hospital, Nashville's first record store, and a record label that housed the stars of the Grand Ole Opry.

You can also enjoy karaoke or a game on one of the many large screen TVs.

Loser Bar and Grill

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (9)

Losers Bar & Grill is a simple live music venue. His food is highly recommended. Some fan favorites include the Johnny Cash Burger, chicken tenders, and fried eggs. Don't miss the cold beers on tap and brandy.

This bar is very close to Broadway, just a few steps away.

A recent visitor said“I loved the music, I loved the drinks! What a fun place for a night! My friends brought me here for my birthday and I had a great time!”

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Click here for hotel deals within walking distance of Lower Broadway

Honky Tonk Center

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (10)

Honky-Tonk Central presents 3 epic stories of live music, food and party. A Lower Broadway landmark, there's no time of day when you can't catch 3 floors of fun. Keep in mind that this is not just a generic live music venue. The atmosphere, the open windows and the drinks make for a fun atmosphere.

Honky-Tonk Central is available for private parties, VIP rooms, or corporate events. Be sure to try the award winning food. His favorites are the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the Philly Cheese Steak. Check out Central Honky Tonkmenu here.

the second violin

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (11)

Located on the famous Lower Broadway, Second Fiddle has recently opened a new rooftop bar. Its theme is tradition. They want to preserve what made the city of music famous. Speaking of tradition, they don't charge admission and have live country music 7 days a week.

Nashville Junction

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (12)

Nashville Crossroads covers most genres of music, including classic country, new country, and rock and roll. Each Broadway bar tries to differentiate itself with a different theme. While most prefer the multi-level party atmosphere, Nashville Crossroads prides itself on being a neighborhood bar with friendly staff and cold beers. You are right in the middle of Lower Broadway, you can't miss it!

song of legends

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (13)

Legends Corner is just steps from the Nashville Convention Center. If you are traveling on business, this is probably your first stop. Known as a tried-and-true honky tonk hangout, it's best known for its live country music, honky tonk, and dancing. It has played host to the likes of Darius Rucker, Toby Keith, David Nail, Justin Moore, Luke Bryan, Kid Rock and more.

Legends Corner is available for private parties, VIP rooms or corporate events.

check who is playingHere.

Tin roof

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (14)

The Roof is a musician's center that was opened to give musicians a place to have fun offstage. They say their "stage has played host to the famous, the supposedly famous and everyone in between." They are also known for their food and drink.

he said give it"We were here when Tennessee played the Patriots and it was a madhouse. Pretty much solo stands. But everyone was warm and on time servers. Food was good. Lots of TVs to watch.

all disorder

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (15)

Founded by Blake Shelton, Ole Red is known as a place where stars come together to play. Check the current lineupHere.Visitors to Ole Red agree on one thing: the music is fabulous. The food is definitely average, but the drinks and music more than make up for it.

It has 3 floors including a rooftop bar. You must be sitting on the first floor.

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Tootsie's Orchid Hall

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (16)

What can we say about Tootsies? It is perhaps the most famous bar on Broadway. Located directly behind Ryman Auditorium, it features 3 stages with live local talent performing nightly. Hattie Louise "Tootsie" Bess bought the future honky-tonk in 1960.

It is home to many songwriters and musicians including Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Mel Tillis, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings to name a few.

The Honky-Tonk has 3 levels, 3 stools, a rooftop bar with great views and food and drinks. They say it's not for everyone, but if it's for you, you'll know in 10 minutes.

House FGL

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (17)

Florida Georgia Line House on 3rd Avenue, Nashville, just 1 block from Broadway. It features music every day and is enjoyed for a less crowded feel than Broadway. It has one of the biggest rooftop bars called Rooftop "Cruise". Here you can have fun day and night with a cool view of the city.

Whisky Row de Dierks Bentley

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (18)

Dierks is an American gastropub specialized in serving quality food. It is located in a 3-storey building with a rooftop bar and terrace. While you're here, be sure to try the two-handed cheeseburger, chicken fettuccini Creole, and waffle appetizer. It's all comfort food with a southern twist.

famous nashville

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (19)

Famous offers 3 bars. The Famous Bar, River Bar and Rooftop Bar with panoramic views of the city centre. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am until late.

Pink House by Miranda Lambert

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (20)

Miranda Lambert is the first female country star to open a bar and restaurant on Broadway's Honky Tonk Highway. The restaurant offers Miranda's most popular Tex-Mex cuisine on three floors with live music and nightlife. Including, of course, a rooftop bar.

Look for the "Pink House," which houses some of Miranda's memorabilia.

Luke 32 Bridge

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (21)

Founded (obviously) by Luke Bryan, Luke's 32 Bridge is located in the middle of Broadway. It is a multi-level entertainment facility with levels, 8 bars, 3 stages, live music, and two restaurants. Nut House is the largest rooftop bar in the center.

Food gets rave reviews and includes dishes like shredded port, blue and white salmon salad, Nashville hot chicken, and Luke's elk burger.

It's not uncommon to meet the man himself at the Nashville Luke Bryan Bar. When the bar opened, he gave a free concert on New Year's Eve and closed off the street to entertain his fans.

He said: "It's about the experience for the fans of the country. It's a fun experience for the tourist to come and meet their favorite artist."

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by rippy

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (22)

Rippy's is located across from Bridgestone Arena and Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. It has become the unofficial pre-party destination known for barbecue and live music.

doubled whiskey

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (23)

Whiskey Bent is known for his laid-back, whiskey-loving attitude. They don't attract the younger crowd than the big name bars. If you are looking for great friendly customer service and cheap cold beer, come visit us.


Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (24)

Redneck Riviera is John Rich's bar. A recent visitor said, "It was like hanging out with people you've known your whole life. John Rich knows how to create a fun environment!"

It's an American style honky tonk. The servers are friendly and the atmosphere is fun.

Jason Aldean's Rooftop Kitchen and Bar

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (25)

The bar was opened by Jason Aldean in 2018 and has 4 levels and a terrace. On the main restaurant level is a large bar with a 1961 John Deer tractor. Paying homage to Jason's first song, "Big Green Tractor."

The rooftop bar called My Kinda Party is dedicated to partying, dancing, and views of Nashville by day and by night. There is live country music every day on two floors. There are a total of 6 bars and a large kitchen. A recent visitor said: "The food and the service were great. Lots of space and comfortable. They treated us kindly and the music was great. Thanks to all the staff who care about their customers!”

Great engine room and still

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (26)

The Big Machine Brewery and Distillery is the home of Double Spiked Coolers and is just off Broadway. With live music, cocktails and tours, they open early and close at dawn.

Beercade Headquarters

Nashville's Must-See Bars on Broadway - 2023 (27)

Located a short distance from Broadway, the Beercade spans a whopping 6,500 square feet. Choose from a full menu of fresh and modern American dishes, innovative signature and community cocktails, and unlimited free classic arcade games. HQ is the perfect place for pre-game and post-game parties, just a short walk across the pedestrian bridge to Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans. With the largest screen in downtown Nashville, you can catch all the Titans games, UFC fights and more at the Beercade Nashville Headquarters

Remember to check.....


What is the most famous bar in Nashville? ›

With over 100 years under its belt, Springwater has earned its spot as one of Nashville's most iconic bars. Opened in 1897, this no-frills Midtown dive is always good for some live music, a game of eight-ball and a brew.

What is the best part of Broadway in Nashville? ›

The bars on Lower Broadway are the top attraction in Nashville for good reason. Walk down Broadway between the Bridgestone Arena and the River, and you'll see that Music City lives up to its name with an incredible level of musicianship spilling out of the windows of the Nashville Broadway bars.

What is the most famous honky-tonk in Nashville? ›

Honky Tonk Central is Nashville's latest and greatest honky tonk on world famous 'Lower Broadway' in downtown Nashville, TN. with 3 full stories of live music, great food and great times, Honky Tonk Central is the destination stop when in Nashville.

What is the famous street in Nashville with all the bars? ›

Find yourself mesmerized by the live music and neon lights of Broadway on Honky Tonk Highway – Nashville's famous street. World-class live music plays 365 days a year on the city's main drag.

What bars to hit in Nashville? ›

It's worth a walk and maybe even a drink to take in the scene; however, I encourage you to explore beyond Broadway for a good time.
  • Moonshine slushee at Acme Feed & Seed.
  • View of Broadway from Acme Feed & Seed.
  • Marsh House.
  • Vodka cocktail at Marsh House.
  • Dino's Bar in East Nashville.
  • The bar at Old Glory.
Jan 27, 2023

What part of Nashville has the best bars? ›

1. East Nashville. Granted, there's a slight advantage for size, but there's no denying the list of quality bars and restos weighs heavier on the East side, not to mention the Hot Chicken Festival and The Tomato Art Festival.

What is the difference between Music Row and Downtown Nashville? ›

No, it isn't Lower Broadway, the neon-lined, tourist-welcoming strip of honky-tonks and bars in downtown Nashville (although it is often confused with it!). Instead, Music Row is the section of Nashville where the country music publishers, record labels, and recording studios are located.

What bars do country singers go to in Nashville? ›

Celebrity Bar Crawl in Nashville
  • Luke's 32 Bridge (Luke Bryan) ...
  • Whiskey Row (Dierks Bentley) ...
  • Casa Rosa (Miranda Lambert) ...
  • FGL House (Florida Georgia Line) ...
  • Twelve Thirty Club (Justin Timberlake) ...
  • Nashville Underground (Gavin DeGraw) ...
  • AJ's Good Time Bar (Alan Jackson) ...
  • Redneck Riviera (John Rich)
Mar 10, 2022

What is the difference between Music Row and Broadway in Nashville? ›

Music Row and downtown Nashville are different. A lot of people think that Music Row is Broadway. In fact, lower Broadway is known as “honky-tonk” highway whereas Music Row is where record labels and recording studio's are located.

What is the famous Alley in Nashville? ›

One of the most well-known spots in the city, Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville is a must-see when planning your Nashville vacation. Tucked away between Third and Fourth Avenue, an array of nightclubs and restaurants beckons visitors and locals alike—and holds a vibrant reminder of the city's rich heritage.

What is the main strip of Nashville? ›

Broadway is a major thoroughfare in the downtown area in Nashville, Tennessee. It includes Lower Broadway, an entertainment district renowned for honky tonks and live country music. The street is also home to retail shops, restaurants, dessert spots, tourist attractions, and a few hotels.

What is the best street to walk in Nashville? ›

Nothing exemplifies everything Nashville has to offer like Broadway Street. Running through the heart of downtown Nashville, Broadway Street is home to some of Nashville's best music, restaurants, and bars. To explore this area fully, you'll want to spend a few days in this increidlbe city.

Why is Tootsies in Nashville famous? ›

Tootsies is the most famous honky tonk on downtown Nashville's Broadway. It has hosted and nurtured dozens of Country Music's legends -- such as Faron Young, Charley Pride, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn, to name a few -- and is responsible for grooming many of Music City's stars of tomorrow.

Where do country singers hang out in Nashville? ›

A legendary and intimate location to hear some of the best singers and songwriters, the Bluebird Cafe opened in 1982 and has remained a local staple ever since. The small venue has been featured in publications like The New York Times and depicted on popular shows like Nashville.

What is the number one attraction in Nashville? ›

1: Grand Ole Opry

It started out in 1925 as a radio show and is virtually responsible for putting the city on the map to begin with. Thanks to the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville is known as the world's capital of country music.

What food should you not miss in Nashville? ›

Nashville Food Guide | What to Eat in Nashville
  • Hot Chicken. We dropped it like it's hot when we ate this hot chicken at Pepperfire in Nashville. ...
  • Biscuits. Biscuits come in different shapes and sizes in Nashville. ...
  • Meat and Three. ...
  • Brunch. ...
  • Chocolate. ...
  • Donuts. ...
  • Third Wave Coffee. ...
  • Tennessee Whiskey.
Jan 30, 2023

What is the famous drink in Nashville? ›

Somewhere along the way, Bushwackers have become a party drinking staple in Nashville. Whereas 10 years ago there was one, maybe two, locales featuring this decadent drink.

What is the best time to get to bars in Nashville? ›

There's often a wait outside later into the night, so go around 10:30 to avoid the crux of the crowd! If there is a line outside, though, it's usually worth the wait.

Is there a dress code for bars in Nashville? ›

In general, Nashville does not enforce a dress code. If there are dress codes enforced, it's rare. Most of the time, you'll get away with what you want. You'll see lots of t-shirts, jeans, hats, jackets, dresses, cowboy boots and hats.

What are the best months to visit Nashville? ›

The best time to visit Nashville is from April to October.

Nashville's weather in the late spring and early fall is warm and lively, with temperatures ranging from the low 70s to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

What part of Nashville has the best nightlife? ›

No visit to Nashville would be complete without a trip to the honky tonks and dive bars that make up the city's nightlife. Most of the live music venues are in “The District,” a 20-block area downtown that includes three historic districts that have been the epicenter of Nashville nightlife for decades.

Is Music Row walkable to Downtown Nashville? ›

Can you walk from Music Row to Downtown Nashville? Music Row is located about a mile from Downtown Nashville. While it's a lovely walk, the Tennessee heat might be a deterrent at times.

What is the best part of Nashville to stay in? ›

Best Areas in Nashville for…
  • Best Neighborhood for History & Sightseeing: SoBro. ...
  • Best Neighborhood for Dining: 12 South. ...
  • Best Nightlife & Live Music: Downtown. ...
  • Best for First-Timers: Midtown/West End/Music Row. ...
  • Most Romantic Neighborhood in Nashville: Midtown/West End/Music Row. ...
  • Best Neighborhood for Families: SoBro.
Jan 17, 2023

What is Luke Bryans bar in Nashville? ›

LUKE'S 32 BRIDGE Food + Drink is located in the heart of Broadway Street in Nashville, TN. Luke Bryan invites guests inside a 30,000 sq ft multi-level entertainment facility, featuring 6 levels, 8 bars, 3 stages with the best live music and two restaurants.

Why is the Bluebird Cafe so famous? ›

Though the Bluebird still has a stage, it's best known for hosting shows in the round, with four songwriters facing one another in a circle, right in the middle of the cafe floor. That setup was started in 1985 by songwriters Don Schlitz, Fred Knobloch, Thom Schuyler and Paul Overstreet.

What bar does Blake Shelton own in Nashville? ›

Details. Inspired by Opry member Blake Shelton's No. 1 hit, “Ol' Red,” Ole Red is a restaurant, live music venue and retail space located on Lower Broadway.

What is the best way to get around Nashville? ›

You can also take an airport shuttle, a public bus (route 18) or a taxi. Ride-hailing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, also operate in Nashville. A car is the most efficient way to move around Nashville and see its top sights. Some hotels offer complimentary parking and finding a spot downtown isn't too much of a hassle.

Do Nashville bars take cash? ›

All vendors and bars take debit and credit cards, but if you have cash, don't worry––there are plenty of kiosks where you can use cash to buy a Hall Pass.

What do I wear to Nashville? ›

During the daytime, what to wear to Nashville bars and honky tonks is indeed very casual, and truly, 'anything goes'. You'll see plenty of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, denim shorts, skirts, and blue jeans, as well as tank tops, Nashville graphic tees, sundresses, animal print, and cross-body bags and purses.

What is the Purple bar in Nashville? ›

Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a Nashville country music institution and world-famous honky-tonk, has operated across the alley from the Ryman almost continuously since 1960. Its proprietor from 1960 to 1978, Hattie Louise “Tootsie” Bess, bought the lounge called “Mom's” and named it for herself.

What neighborhood in Nashville has all the bars? ›

Downtown is the heart of Nashville. This area is full of music venues, bars, museums, historic landmarks, and many of the best Nashville restaurants. It's located west of the Cumberland River.

What is the street name of Music Row in Nashville? ›

Music Row is situated just southwest of downtown Nashville and is centered on 16th and 17th Avenues. This area is considered to be the heart of Nashville's music and entertainment industry.

Does Justin Timberlake have a bar in Nashville? ›

Inside Justin Timberlake's Multifaceted Jewel of a Nashville Bar and Restaurant. The street-level offering of restaurateur Sam Fox and Justin Timberlake's new three-story Nashville concept is called Honky Tonk.

What is the rainiest month in Nashville? ›

May is the wettest month in Nashville and June is far from the dryest.

Where is Reese Witherspoon's home in Nashville? ›

She's also been renovating a historic home in the affluent Belle Meade neighborhood of Nashville, as seen on an episode of Netflix's “Get Organized with The Home Edit.”

What is there to do in Nashville not bar hopping? ›

Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries

Visit one of Nashville's many breweries, like Yazoo Brewing Company, Black Abbey, Jackalope, or Southern Grist. City Winery offers a fun environment for wine lovers with live music, food, and wine on tap.

Is downtown Nashville worth visiting? ›

Nashville is one of the top tourism spots in the country–and the world, for that matter. And it's for good reason. Aside from being a music mecca, it's teeming with cultural landmarks, outdoor activities, amazing food, professional sports, and other things to do that make Nashville truly unique.

Can you walk around downtown Nashville? ›

Exploring downtown by foot is safe, easy, and is one of the best ways to take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the city. With 70 miles of sidewalks and the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge connecting downtown to the east bank and Nissan Stadium, walking is a great way to get around!

What should I do if I have one day in Nashville? ›

In One Day in Nashville
  1. Pinewood Social. ...
  2. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. ...
  3. Historic RCA Studio B. ...
  4. Bajo Sexto. ...
  5. Hatch Show Print. ...
  6. Schermerhorn Symphony Center. ...
  7. Johnny Cash Museum. ...
  8. Goo Goo Shop.

Is the Gulch walkable to Broadway? ›


Just south of SOBRO, within walking distance of Broadway is The Gulch, a trendy section of Nashville with plenty of boutiques, restaurants and hotels.

Can you walk to everything in Nashville? ›

When you stay in Downtown Nashville, you will be able to walk everywhere in Downtown Nashville and SoBro as well as to Demonbreun Hill and the Gulch. If walking isn't your thing, though, it's also very simple to grab a Lyft or Uber to the other awesome neighborhoods in Nashville.

What is the most famous honky tonk in Nashville? ›

Honky Tonk Central is Nashville's latest and greatest honky tonk on world famous 'Lower Broadway' in downtown Nashville, TN. with 3 full stories of live music, great food and great times, Honky Tonk Central is the destination stop when in Nashville.

What is the oldest bar in Nashville? ›

Springwater Supper Club & Lounge

Springwater Supper Club has been around since 1897 and claims to be Tennessee's oldest bar.

What is the most famous country bar in Nashville? ›

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Tootsies is the most famous bar on Broadway. The purple building is sure to catch your eye. Inside, there are two levels with bars and bands.

What is Justin timberlakes bar called in Nashville? ›

Indeed, there's a reason the area around the Twelve Thirty Club has recently been christened “Upper Broadway.” Did Fox manage to create the first honky-tonk in Nashville that's actually chic?

What is Justin timberlakes bar in Nashville? ›

"The Twelve Thirty Club" is a three story "experience" featuring a supper club, bar, restaurant, live music and more. It's the creation of Sam Fox, a 12-time James Beard Award Nominee and Founder of Fox Restaurant Concepts.

What is the main bar strip in Nashville? ›

Broadway is a major thoroughfare in the downtown area in Nashville, Tennessee. It includes Lower Broadway, an entertainment district renowned for honky tonks and live country music. The street is also home to retail shops, restaurants, dessert spots, tourist attractions, and a few hotels.

Where is the best chance to see a celebrity in Nashville? ›

Bluebird Cafe

The small venue has been featured in publications like The New York Times and depicted on popular shows like Nashville. You can see all kinds of stars taking in a show. Some sightings include Garth Brooks, Ted Danson, Katie Couric, Melissa Etheridge, Al Gore, Faith Hill, and Taylor Swift.

How do I see celebrities in Nashville? ›

Best Celebrity Bars in Nashville | The Nashville Insider
  1. Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa. 4.7 ★ ...
  2. Kid Rock's Big A** Honky Tonk Rock N' Roll Steakhouse. 4.5 ★ ...
  3. Margaritaville. 4.1 ★ ...
  4. National Underground. 4.1 ★ ...
  5. Jason Aldean's Kitchen & Rooftop Bar. 4.2 ★ ...
  6. Luke's 32 Bridge Food + Drink. 4.4 ★ ...
  7. FGL House. 4.3 ★ ...
  8. AJ's Good Time Bar. 4.4 ★

Does Tim McGraw own a bar in Nashville? ›

While most country stars are opening bars and restaurants in Nashville, Tim McGraw is concentrating on something he knows more about...


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