Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (2023)

Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (1)Carlyle Bay, Barbados. | Photo: Padla Barbados

Barbados, Caribbean - Barbados or Bim, as it is made with love for its inhabitants, is a perfect paradise for progressive guests and adventurers.a real blow. CORAL ISLAND IS LOCATED BETWEEN THE CARIBE ARCHIPELAGE AND SECE FAST IN THE WILL TROPICAL ATLANTIC. This exclusive exhibition offers SUPS ADVENTURES A quiet side.West of the Caribbean offers the helm the best of both worlds. During the whole year.


Barbados is very easy to pick up the best waves of the day.

Barbados was in the scenario of global sports shipments. Support stores will need beginners and high performance tables. No need to bring yours.

Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (2)Suneor is so soup and Paybsal below, Bashonles.

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The island is not only suitable for individual rowers. Families and couples have a lot to do and do a lot inside and outside the ocean. In rum stores that drive in circles along the sugarcane -the night, the style of the Caribbean of the nightAnd the dance at night will make your journey an adventure you remember.


The temperature remains constant throughout the year, but the humidity changes. The summer can be sticky and the ocean is the only way to overcome heat. Winter, the air is dry and crispy, which makes the era more pleasantof the year.The long sleeves can look good at the great nights. The water temperature floats at 27 Celsius, so only shorts are needed and a vest of outbreaks. All the surf exits on the island are fragments of reefs, so thatRecife ankle boots are packaged if necessary. But most points are easy to enter and finish.

Winter is the high season in Barbados and expects accommodation at the highest price. The crazy crowds disappear.

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Hot Points

Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (3)Bathsheba Beach, on the east coast of Barbados, is as beautiful as it sounds. | Photo: Paddle Barbados

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North Coast

The northern coast of the island is wild. The impressive sea cliffs are abused for most of the year by Atlantic Swell. In certain moments (December to March), you can sail, but like all the Atlantic Swell, only experts!

East Coast

The east coast is beautiful. The winding streets of the hill take you to the quiet coastal town of beating and surf pause in the world -a soup bowl. This barrel wave is not ideal for SUP, but not disappointedSeveral excellent points in the area, such as: b.The living room and the bathroom. Summer is the best time to surf here, because the commercial winds of the east stop and the Atlantic become glass.

West Coast

The West Coast is perfect for the flat water line. The Caribbean Sea is crystalline and remote in a tropical paradise inside and outside the axis frequency. Platin Costa.Cleans along the west coast. North waves occur here and from December to April.

Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (4)

Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (5)Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (6)

The west coast of barboostos is perfect for the flat water series. | Photos: Paddle Barbados

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Costa on

The South Costa is the most surfed coast of the island and has waves most of the year in its many funny reef frescores. Specially on weekends and high season is a little full.Mount Wind and Fishing waves on the south coast are the best way to travel.

Some of the most popular hot points of the south coast are ...

Kieselbücher Y Carlisle Bay

This should be its first stop for suppp on the island. The bay is 4 km wide and is the only natural port of Barbados. Naval protection, which limits the speed and activity of the motorcycle water, which makes it a pleasant place pleasantand picturesque.

Of course and silent that they are available here and the specialized team will be happy to answer all the questions you can have. Your site to get SUP SUP, SUP YOGA, Turtle -Schnorkel Tours and much more

For a special gift, a lunch at the fish cab, because for fish sandwiches around the world (cutters) or sunset cocktails on the roof at Dippers beach bar.

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Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (7)Sarah Von Paddle Barbados directs along the line in Freight Bay. | Photo: Chris Padfield Photography

Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (8)Palatas de Palatas Barbados | (9)
Sarah (left) and Jason (right) of Paddle Barbados have fun in Freight Bay. | Photos: Paddel Barbados and Chris Padfield Photography
Freedom of money

This break is perfect for the rowers for beginners. The superior view of the fishermen's village of Oistin and Costa Sul is spectacular. The wave itself is classified among the 10 best students in the world.Waist with a high glass surf content almost every day. Most surf schools, but this left has long offered a lot of space.


This average surf is just 10 minutes walk from Paddle Barbar's bathroom business and is on the left of the Hilton Hotel. It's considered one of the best intervals that the South Coast has to offer. It's a break from the left point with a rock bottomSoft and constantly a chest with a high wave. It is clear that you are exposed to a wind on the floor on the stable side.

Andere Paddler

Pebbles Beach IST Sup Central.Facebook Page Here.

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