The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (2023)

Today there is an application for everything. We were able to live at a time when applications can offer walks, food, dog hikers and beauty experts on their door, only a touch of the style of the jeton screen.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (1)

The future is now, people!

The popularity of the application also shows signs of a delay. Nielsen's research on the use of mobile media has determinedUsers spend 89% of their time with applications instead of websites.

This is largely due to 2 factors:

1. As already mentioned, applications can be very specific and focus on the needs of consumers., can not.

2. Direct convenience. Applications offer information, purchases and experience in social networks literally within reach and usually free of charge. And of course a small useful square on the start screen is much more accessible than looking for an addiction.

Why do we talk about applications?

Because between the multitude of services and the useful information that the media offered, there are some applications that can really help youSkin care! With just a short download, you can have access to custom regime, tips and even dermatologists to get your best skin.

Today I am happy to share some applications that revolutionize your life in skin care!

1. Mercado

Have you ever wondered if an anti -Engaging product that you really use?MercadoThe application claims to be "your personal wrinkle" and to follow signs of aging on your skin with artificial intelligence and a number of algorithms in order to analyze and interpret changes on your face.

When users record weekly selfies or daily, Rynkl not only identifies existing lines and wrinkles, but also observes the areas in which fine lines form to provide a head in areas that need a little TLC.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (2)

It also evaluates whether the treatments that you really try, work and make your progress is very useful because we are often so used to seeing our own face in the mirror that we cannot say whether a product reallydoes what it is. Promise

This application is like a best honest friend who says that she continues or leaves this cream for something better.

Cost: Buch

Available for iPhone and Android


I am very happy to bring my own application to you! We have worked hard to redesign and improve Application, and I can hardly wait to see that my favorite resources we offer is thatBUCHSkin care analysis.

All you have to do is answer some questions about your skin and to take a quick (optional) photo on the phone and we will do the rest.Check skin analysis and recommendations for products that bring it to its best skin!
The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (3)My useful application also connects you with our mobile sites, blog and social networks channels.

Cost: Buch

Available for iPhone and Android

3. Think dirty

No, it is not (pull the spirit of the gutter).Think dirtyThe application identifies and evaluates potentially risky or "toxic" ingredients in beauty and skin care products.

The application was initiated by the founder Lily Tse, who wanted to avoid toxic ingredients due to the family history and find more secure alternatives.

While you sit down, you think dirty "Attach and inform the consumer about the cosmetic industry, which enables you to make a well -founded decision about which products can be bought. "

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (4)

Simply use the application scanner in the barcode of an element and think that Dirty delivers a simple rest of the product ingredients and where you get into a possible health risk scale ".

I ask you to download this application and not have fun immediately and to scan everything in your bathroom.

Cost: Buch

Available for iPhone

4. Sunzapp

As you should knowSun protectionIt is the best way to keep your skin healthy and avoid signs of aging and damage, but how do you know when you subscribe to or when the shadow is looking for?

Since I know you are already using yoursSPF -DiarFor daily protection,SunzappIt will help you avoid burning if you don't have a day fun for the sun.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (5)

This application uses real meteorological forecasts and information that you provide for your skin type and planned activities in order to make suggestions for sun protection.

With Sunzapp you can also create up to five separate profiles so that your family and friends can protect themselves!

Cost: Buch

Available for iPhone and Android

5.Fluid Glue

One way to ensure that your skin is fair and healthy is to remain hydrated. If we are dehydrated,It definitely appears in our skinIn the form of thin lines, dark strings and an opaque complexion.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (6)

BothAnd -hidrates(Para iPhone y Apple Watch)Memory of water drinks(For Android) It will help you discover exactly how much water you have to drink.This allows you to define the hydration goals and make sure that you stay on the street by sending memories to drink.

It still enables you to choose what it swallows because not all drinks are the same when supplying liquid. I will not lie, it is very satisfactory when it reaches its goal of daily fluid intake.

Cost: Buch

Available for iPhone (i -hidrates) and Android (memory of water drinks)

6. Bone

Another way to keep your skin in the best look isRepeat your beauty. A good night of sleep reduces the appearance of swollen eyes and dark rings and gives your skin the opportunity to heal, but we all know that it can be difficult to get 8 hours in Reg.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (7)

ÖBoneThe application captures the sleep time (here there is a registration joke somewhere), so you know exactly how many hours you get or not.

You can also use sound (for everything you have slept) and the movement of the table (for your game and your curves) and use information about evaluating your sleep cycles and the ideal time to wake up, like a mini scientist insleeps to his bedside table.

Cost: Buch

Available for iPhone and Android

7. Face

Did you woke up to have visited the spot fairy at night? No problem! While you take measures to take care of your skin, you can still publish the perfect selfie.

ÖFaceWith the application you can use everything, circle from dark spots to dark.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (8)

Cost: $ 3.99

Available for iPhone and Android

And the applications that claim to heal acne?


A few years ago, the Federal Commerce Commission (FTC) condemned two application developers, Acnepp and Pwner Acner Iphones for Androids, which said that their applications could deal with acne.Acne should kill and stimulate collagen when they kept the skin of the user.

The FTC discovered that the statements and studies with which the developers support them did not based and were wrong.

If you find one of these applications, this is clear. How the saying says if it is too good to be true, it is likely.

Unfortunately there is no way to treat your acne with an application (not yet).

While that, These are some of my favorite products that will really do the job.!

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (9)

Sicless Limpiador Bioelements

With 2%salicylic acid it treats cleaner and prevents future neutralizing bacteria and at the same time eliminate dirt and skin oil. It also promotes skin healing and ensures soft peeling to stimulate the growth of new skin cells.Including, it also offers clear skin that continues!

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (10)

Rhonda Allison Blemish Complex BPO RX

This superpower treatment uses benzoilperoxide to kill bacteria that carry out acne and combat points. Relieves, calms and hydrates to reduce inflammation to uniform skin. This formula reaches acne to have a smooth and clear skin!

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (11)

Imageen hautpflege clear cell Med Medical Acner Locion

This amazing moisturizer uses the power of benzoylperoxide to kill acne bacteria and treat the stains.

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (12)

Alana Mitchell hyaluronic impulse moisture

I have created my serum to make skin moisture! It contains hyaluronic acid to block the skin moisture and reduce the appearance of thin lines.So it is what soft for the skin with problems!

The 11 skin care applications that you should download today (13)


If you prefer to have a perfect skin, you have to try itAirograph Make -up From mineral air. I tried it and I loved it so much that I recently added to my shop! This wireless system is much more convenient than conventional bulky spray devices and very easy to use.

If you can use a hairspray, you can use it. It ensures a super light but surprisingly flawless cover. And it has three basic tones so that you can adapt and adapt your perfect tone.Literally carry out your make -up and leave incredible skin.

Final thoughts

There are so many excellent applications that we can give us advice and advice for skin care, but if you have any questions about a concern about the skin, do not hesitate to speak to your doctor or dermatologist.-health care affected.

Whether you use an application or not, take care of your best for your skin to make it best for you!

What are some of your preferred skin care applications? Share them with us in the comment area!

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