The 12 Best Wellness Retreats to Relax and Recharge (2023)

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    The 12 Best Wellness Retreats to Relax and Recharge (1)Melissa KlurmanUpdated on Dec 09, 2022

      Looking for some serious R&R? Make your physical, mental and spiritual health a priority on these incredible wellness-focused getaways.

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      Wellness for the win

      If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's to never take our health and well-being for granted. That's why many of us are planning a vacation right now, whether it's somewhere closeweekend getawayor a longer journey, perhaps for ahawaiianisches all-inclusive-resort. Some companies even offer an initiative calledspa week- a week off paid for employees to rest. After the last year and a half, we want to strengthen our personal connections with friends and family.jregaining our sanity, which is why it's also fueled another huge trend: wellness travel. Such a vacation will help you relax and de-stress, recharge and renew, or simply move you towards a healthier lifestyle. The World Wellness Summit says that one of the key trends for 2021 will be for "all travel to become wellness travel, as manic escapes are replaced by slower, closer, more mindful experiences." While you can add a dose of R&R to any vacation, wellness retreats are specifically designed to get the job done.

      While there are plenty of wellness-centric places around the world, we've rounded up North America's best of the best to make things less stressful in terms of travel and planning. These resorts offer complete programs so you can fully commit to what it takes to feel good, rather than just spending a few hours getting a massage (although we're fans of that, too). Most of these destinations can be reached in just a few hours from most parts of the country, so you'll be on your way to a new way of being in no time. If you can't get one of thesemini vacationDon't worry now, you can still prioritize relaxation in a beautifulbeach house rentalÖsilent cabin, but be sure to save this information for later!

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      Die Lodge in Woodloch, Pennsylvania

      The breathtaking scenery of this award-winningfunny fate? Over 500 acres of pristine woodland with a 15-acre private lake in northwest Pennsylvania that goes unnoticed. This all-inclusive resort offers luxurious accommodations, exceptional dining, outdoor adventures, fitness/wellness programs and educational forums. Embracing a philosophy of personal awakening, the inn offers more than 35 classes daily, covering everything from the expected (yoga and hiking) to the more meditative (watercolor painting and cooking) to the more exciting (fire making and ax throwing). ). Each season features unique courses and offerings, including summer activities on the lake like kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and fishing, as well as chef-led garden dining (with the option of wine pairing for a small additional fee).

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      Canyon Ranch Lenox, Massachusetts

      This spectacular spa has all the natural beauty of the Berkshires and a reputation as one of the original destination spa brands. (There are also locations in Arizona, California, and Las Vegas.) This all-inclusive wellness retreat is known for its wide array of health and fitness activities and spa services, in addition to its food (healthy chicken enchiladas ​and asparagus guacamole, anyone?). Its fitness instructors and speakers are top-notch, but what really sets Canyon Ranch apart are its teams of medical professionals who focus on preventive and integrative medicine and use advanced diagnostics and assessments to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. of life. there's more hereeast coast vacationYou must take it at least once.

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      Miraval Austin, Texas

      Overlooking beautiful Lake Travis, this luxurious spa resort is the ideal place for adults looking for a revitalizing retreat to relax and pamper themselves.conscience. (Miraval also has two other locations in Arizona and Massachusetts.) A stay at the Miraval Austin includes access to Miraval's acclaimed Life in Balance Spa and its signature spa treatments, the property's 10-acre farm and ranch (including the Miraval Equine Experience ), Life in Balance Conscious cooking classes Culinary cooking and wellness workshops such as Tex Zen Yoga or Floating Meditation. Did the mention of the spa pique your interest? Miraval also offers Slow Beauty Collection treatments designed specifically for each location, with the Petal Pecan Mask a must-have at the Austin location.

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      Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Massachusetts

      Kripalu, North America's leading yoga retreat center, is the perfect retreat for anyone looking to relax and reconnect in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Berkshires. Kripalu's all-inclusive offer includes gentle and advanced yoga, meditation, tasty and nutritionally balanced meals, classes and workshops that follow the principles of Ayurveda and a philosophy of compassion and self-care. Another perk: This classic retreat is incredibly affordable, with all-inclusive stays starting at under $200 a night. (Healing arts massages and spa treatments are available for an additional fee.) This may be one of the best and most affordableGirls weekend tripsIn America.

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      Red Mountain Resort, Utah

      With the impressive natural environment ofZion National ParkAs a backdrop, Red Mountain Resort features a comprehensive menu of fitness classes and programs, outdoor adventures and hikes, nutritious cuisine and personal discovery seminars. While the resort offers specialized health and wellness packages, it also offers adventure-based and family-friendly options. Additionally, the hotel's Sagestone Spa & Salon offers a range of rejuvenating spa services using native desert plants, local honey and mineral-rich muds, clays and salts.

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      Sensei Lanai, Hawaii

      Surrounded by lush greenery, pine-covered mountains and cool tropical breezes, Sensei Lanai, an adults-only Four Seasons resort, is a dream come true. Located on the dreamy Hawaiian island of Lanai, just a short drive from Maui, this secluded wellness retreat provides each guest with a personal Sensei guide to create a personalized itinerary around the Sensei Way. The resort's core philosophy distills the science of preventative health into three simple ways of everyday living: exercise, nutrition and rest. Retreats include pampering spa treatments, fitness classes, Sensei by Nobu meals and activities ranging from private yoga sessions to horseback riding through the nearby Koele Hills and sailing along Lanai's scenic coastline.

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      Community Spa und Wellness Center, Arizona

      Nestled high in the Sonoran Desert, this resort offers highly personalized wellness experiences that don't feel prescriptive, restrictive or regulated. A stunning desert retreat, the resort takes advantage of its spectacular location with morning meditation in the rose garden, sunrise yoga, desert hikes, outdoor sunset spinning classes, and stargazing sessions and singing bowls under the night sky. The resort's gastronomic offer is a modern, fresh and seasonal interpretation of regionally inspired cuisine. While it's not all-inclusive (meals and spa services are extra), room rates include a wide range of wellness experiences, including mindfulness, exercise, fine dining, personal growth, outdoor adventures, and the arts. creative, with prices starting around $200.

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      Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Flórida

      If you're dreaming of a tropical spa vacation but don't want to leave the country, book a stay at the Carillon, right on Miami's sparkling beaches. While the nightlife can be bustling nearby, the luxury resort offers everything you need for a total wellness retreat: sumptuous accommodations, tempting dining, a gourmet spa, invigorating workouts, sparkling pools and a pristine beach nearby. . The Carillon also features a European-style hydrotherapy circuit designed to relax and rejuvenate users through a variety of hot and cold water treatments. While in the sunny state, you can also checkFlorida's best beachesthat the locals want to keep secret.

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      Art of Living Retreat Center, Carolina do Norte

      An Ayurvedic spa and meditation retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the center provides the perfect tranquil environment. With wide open spaces and outdoor activities, yoga and meditation amidst scenic surroundings, the center is the perfect place to get away from it all, even if you never want to leave! Program options include R&R retreats, Ayurvedic wellness and meditation retreats, as well as speaker-focused residencies and special programs.

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      BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia

      Luxurious BodyHoliday Saint Lucia has long been recognized as one of North America's premier all-inclusive spa resorts. And it's truly all-inclusive, with a spa treatment included in the room rate every day, with options ranging from a full-body massage to a lemon Lucian and ginger scrub and seawater thalassotherapy. Dining options include healthy options at the Wellness Café as well as indulgent options at the full-service restaurants. And yes, you can have a cocktail here, there's even a wine lounge. Outdoors, the beach and sparkling Caribbean Sea beckon, plus activities like yoga, pilates, tai chi, water sports, golf and tennis. There are also guided wellness programs for an additional fee. For a different kind of stay, check out these others.Resorts All Inclusive no Caribe.

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      Austin Lake Spa, Texas

      Though it's just 20 miles from downtown Austin, the 40-room Lake Austin Spa Resort feels like a world away from the city. A sanctuary of wellness and relaxation spread across 19 lakefront acres, the resort is not only the top choice for wellness retreats, but also one of the bestAll Inclusive Resorts in the United States.Three sparkling pools, a full fitness calendar, and free use of lakeside equipment including stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, pedal boats, and pedal boats are included in your rate, as are three gourmet meals. . & Snacks Explore the Texas Hill Country by bike, then return for a spa treatment or meditation class before relaxing in a shaded hammock with a cool drink. Food lovers will love the chef-led cooking classes and tours of the organic gardens.

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      La Puerta Ranch, Mexico

      Set on 4,000 acres of private gardens, mountains and meadows, Rancho La Puerta is the original fitness center and spa, offering mind and body wellness retreats since the 1940s. All programs include more 80 fitness classes, spa treatments, therapy sessions, cooking classes and series by renowned speakers are sure to leave you physically and mentally revitalized and transformed. The ranch offers week-long programs, but if you're looking for an even longer retreat, there are also 21-day sabbaticals so you can recharge your batteries in continual bliss. you can't go now Plan yourSpa day at home, Complete withShoe,To stealand relaxing candles. treat yourself well

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