Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (2023)

Those who say that beauty is pain need to reconsider their choices because the digital revolution has made it much easier to achieve divine standards of beauty that mere mortals could not reach before.

Selfie culture spawned beauty apps. Yeahexpanded realityFace filters first appeared on social media, they were considered a gimmick. They allowed users to virtually dress up, change their appearance or grow a mustache suddenly.

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Nowadays, more and more people, especially the younger generation, are using filters to beautify their appearance. Beauty apps were introduced to achieve a model-like look by enhancing, reducing, enhancing, and changing the color of faces and bodies. The apps will include millions of filters to meet people's needs.

The variety of face filters allows users to easily and flexibly change specific features with just a swipe and click.

Beauty apps are the most widespread application area for augmented reality and have established themselves on social media.

Beauty filters are essentially photo editing tools that useartificial intelligenceand computer vision to recognize and change facial features. They use computer vision to interpret the things the camera sees and work accordingly to change them based on the filter creator's designs.

We are quite technology driven in our daily lives and there is nothing to be ashamed of. We all want to look beautiful or presentable or hide our deepest insecurities in the flesh. App creators capitalized on fears by creating beautification apps. With a virtual touch, you can try on cosmetics or light up your eyes. In fact, these apps have been a great help to everyone on this planet.

Beauty apps are useful and offer wonderful features that can transform a person's appearance in a fraction of a second, and one can even try the products without having to visit all the beauty stores to choose a suitable lipstick or foundation.

Beauty apps provide users with a number of benefits. They are not just for products and users can get the best beauty information from top brand publications. Some of the benefits of beauty apps are as follows:

  • Beauty Apps Help Get Personal Beauty Guide: Mobile beauty apps are not just limited to products but are a one-stop-shop for all users' makeup and fashion needs. They can get the most out of the apps by reading, pinning, and sharing the information on social media channels with their friends.
  • Beauty apps help you connect with the world through social media:

Social networks are taking over the world today and the connection with people is through this medium. Beauty apps allow users to connect and share information with other beauty enthusiasts from around the world.

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Help build a community of like-minded makeup lovers and explore the different aspects of makeup and much more.

  • Beauty apps have better selfie features to increase user engagement. With beauty apps, users can enjoy cute filters and stickers and share a live video capture or selfie with a friend. The technology has been integrated so well into smartphones that it gives users a real-time experience of clicking selfies using beauty apps.
  • Virtual Cosmetics: Users no longer need to go to the cosmetics store or buy expensive products. Instead, they can experience virtual cosmetics that offer the most accurate facial mapping technology for a virtual makeover.

Users can apply various cosmetic products in real time and save the images to the gallery.

  • Most of the beauty apps come with a variety of beauty products that users can easily access to make the right choice. If users are satisfied, they can initiate an in-app purchase using the assigned payment options.

The best thing is that it provides users with various discounts for the products and helps them to get information about the latest products and related offers.

  • Beauty apps these days are not just limited to beauty. It goes above and beyond and provides users with nail art, hairstyles, fashion guides, and tutorial jobs to keep users focused and keep trying and buying.

There are over 2.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and over two million apps in the Apple App Store, and the numbers are growing. The genre has recently emerged and has become an important aspect.

Therefore, users often face difficult dilemmas to choose apps that meet all their needs.

As a result, a list was created to meet the needs based on usage.

Top 10 Mobile Beauty Apps in India in 2023:

  1. Snapchat:

Snapchat is an American multimedia instant messaging application and service developed by Snap Inc, originally known as Snapchat Inc. One of the main features of the application is that messages and images are only visible for a short period of time.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (3)

The app has evolved from an initial focus on person-to-person exchange to sharing current stories with users through twenty-four hours of chronological content.

It even allows users to save photos in a password-protected section called "For My Eyes Only." However, the beauty app has limited end-to-end encryption and plans to expand it in the future.

The app mainly allows users to create multimedia messages in the form of snapshots that consist of an image or a short video that can be edited with filters and effects.

Video segments can be recorded for up to sixty seconds, but are segmented at ten second intervals.

The app uses areal timeMarketing strategy to make the user interface attractive to users.

One of the newly developed features that has caught a lot of attention from young people is Lens, which allows users to add funny effects and sounds in real time, change voice in videos, swap faces with friends, and many other features.

Snapchatit became the modern version of adding beauty with fun.


B612 is a player in the field of mobile beauty apps. The app is an artistic photo editor and collage maker that provides users with a variety of impressive photo editing tools.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (4)

You can edit your images with a variety of filters and effects like light/texture combination and weather. What's more, they can even add contrast, fade, tone or grain depending on your photographic needs.

The application consists of the following functions:

  • The beauty app allows users to crop and resize their photos.
  • With the help of the crop feature, users can rotate, scale or mirror their images.
  • Variety of filters with many attractive sticker options.
  • The effects are awesome and you can beautify your images with different filters.
  • UltraLGVEffects allow users to adjust the grain, hue, sharpness, or contrast of an image.
  • The app has a built-in collage maker that allows the user to select multiple images from the captured storage and choose suitable collage layouts. You can add borders and backgrounds to your opportunity.
  • Share with friends option makes it easy to share edited photos with a single touch. Users can add fancy text to photo with built-in stickers and create photo frames.

The main features of the beauty app are editing features like professional photos, an HSL color editor, and stylish photo editing filters.

The app was developed by Art Photo Video.

3. Candy Chamber:

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Candy Camera is the best tool that allows users to up their selfie games. Developed by JP brothers, the beauty app allows users to look beautifulselfieswith more than 100 filters. Selfies are taken with real-time effects, which means users can see live what they look like with the effect before taking a photo.Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (5)

The app consists of various beautification tools to stylize your selfies and uses an easy to style collage feature to combine images.

Also, the photo editing app includes various stickers, frames, and light effects that can be added after taking a selfie to enhance the image.

The application has the following features:

  • beauty features
  • sticker
  • silent chamber
  • Collage
  • Compatible con Android y iOS
  • a free beauty app with no built-in ads
  • Integration with social networks makes it easy to share images.

4. Fofa selfie:

Sweet Selfie is a popular beauty app for taking and editing selfies. The application was developed by Ufoto. It has many additional features for users to play with, helping them to edit their images professionally or just for fun.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (6)

Sweet Selfie has many attractive features. Users can freely crop and rotate their images, apply bright and colorful features, choose from hundreds of stickers, and adjust their face or body automatically or manually.

The app also allows users to create a collage with many templates and grids to choose from.

Users can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, temperature of their images and enhance them.

The app has recently developed a new feature that allows users to create their own music templates. Users can now combine their images into short video clips and even mix them into videos by adding their music.

The icing on the cake is that the app is free. However, some features need to be purchased, but not required to enjoy the benefits of the beauty app.

Even if someone intends to buy the content, the content is cheap and will add more fun to the picture game, giving you an edge over competitors trying to up their selfie game.

One limitation is that it is not ad-free and you may encounter unnecessary pop-up ads when using it.

The app may experience a technical error and give a black screen. But the positives outweigh the cons, as users do not need to register to use the app.

5. Beauty plus:

Beautyplus - Magical Camera is one of the most recognized beauty apps for Android. It has all the necessary requirements to capture the perfect image, from simple adjustments like brightness and contrast to AI-enabled edits like removing acne and modifying facial features.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (7)

Upon opening the application, the user can decide whether to click on a new image or edit a previously selected image. You can use smart background selection or smart object replacement tools with functions similar toPhotoshoplo clono

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, highlights, shadows, clarity and more of the image through the adjustment panel and then use it.FORActivated tools to reduce acne, change skin tone, nose and eye shape and size, and much more.

However, the beauty app is not free. Some of the features need to be purchased, and to use them in the editing process, you need to subscribe monthly after the 7-day free trial ends. Sometimes you can use features when previewing an ad before exporting an image.

However, the app requires Android 2.3 or higher and has a rating of 4.3 on Google Playstore, which puts it on the list of the best mobile beauty apps of 2023.

6. Perfect YouCam:

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YouCam Perfect is the most powerful beauty camera and photo editing app forIphoneand Android, which helps users create stunning photos and beautiful selfies. Beauty app developed by Perfect Corporation ad offers numerous photo editing and beautifying tools to make photos perfect.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (8)

The main feature of the app is auto beautify which automatically retouches images without any user action. The application stands out for the various options that allow you to edit the shape of faces and eyes.

Users can make their faces narrower and their eyes larger while choosing the intensity of the effect they want to apply.

Youcam Perfect also offers other features like the ability to insert many frames and various color filters that allow users to give their images a different tone.

The app is also linked with social media apps that allow the user to post edited images directly to Facebook.Instagram, or other social media platforms.

However, the beauty app runs on Android 4.0 and above. Also, the advantage for selfie lovers is that the application is free.

7. 360 Camera:

Camera 360 is an image editing tool that allows users to apply dozens of unique filters of all kinds to photos. It will even allow users to embed the filters into the images while taking them directly.Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (9)

The app comes with a simple and intuitive interface.Interfacefrom where the user can access all functions. All the users need is a few taps on the screen. The touch is good when you want to frame a photo with a nice background or apply light to blur the photo.


  • The possibilities of the beauty app are really huge. The user can apply thousands of color characteristics to give their images a unique definition. The app comes with a sea of ​​fun surprises.
  • In addition to a host of features, the app is free and easy to use.

8. Facetune 2:

Facetune is a photo editing app for editing, enhancing and retouching photos on a user's iOS or Android devices. The app was developed by lightricks. The app is used for portrait and selfie editing.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (10)

It has multiple beauty filters for users to make changes such as: B. Teeth whitening, blemish removal, skin smoothing, skin tone improvement, poor lighting correction, contouring, and makeup addition.

Users can choose from various filters, lighting, textures, contrast, and framing options.

Facetune 2 was released in November 2016 and consists of updated features such as realistic facial processing that changes facial expressions and the ability to relight your subject after the photo is taken.

You can change photo background, edit live selfies, more makeup options and add glitter.

Also, users can share the images on various social media platforms.

9. Retrica:

Retrica is a photography and beauty app that allows users to add different types of filters to their photos, similar to Instagram. You can apply filters in real time, so you know what a photo will look like even before the user takes it.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (11)

In total, Retrica consisted of over eighty different filters with many different styles, although they all had a vintage feel to them. The app consists of features with sepia tones, black and white tones, soft tones, etc.

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Apart from editing or adding filters to simple photos, you can also add collages by selecting the option. The user can select up to nine consecutive snapshots to create a fun and original composition.

It consists of many functions, such as artificial shading or a timer that allows users to take pictures on a tripod.

Retrica is one of the major players in the beauty app space. It originated as a photo editing app on iOS devices and debuted inAndroidSector. The app is free.

The features of the application are:

  • Video recording with attractive features
  • Decorate images with new stamps.
  • Enjoy more UI and beautiful icons.
  • Constant updates to periodically improve the speed and reliability of the application.

10. VSCO: Beauty and Photo Editor:

VSCO is abeautyApp that gives an elegant touch to ordinary photos. The user can take photos from within the VSCO app itself, which will be saved in a built-in filter and annotated with thumbnails. It makes it easy for users to easily select images for the user to work with at any time.

Top 10 Beauty Mobile Apps in India in 2023 - Inventive (12)

You can adjust the color, contrast, brightness, etc. and set the corresponding parameters.

The beauty app is integrated with the social media apps so that the user can upload photos directly. Also, VSCO stores all the information related to each image. The information includes the date the filters were clicked, the filters the user used to edit, and many others.

VSCO has a more professional user interface which makes it a great photo editing tool and gives better results than the competition.

However, the main limitation of the app is that it is not free and only the premium apps can be accessed upon purchase.

To involve:

The arrival of beauty applications andsocial mediait made us look better on the surface, but feel worse on the inside. Using social media platforms made us compare our bodies and get the perfect shot, edit it with various filters and upload it as we go on the social media platform for validation.

Before long, beauty apps made it possible to enhance low-quality photos to completely change the way people perceive them.

The mass adoption of these beauty apps is normal, but it highlights a troubling problem in terms of "body positivity" and "self-acceptance."

These apps trade insecurities. Our insecurities are being exploited by app developers to generate profit, and who should suffer here: users who feel their face is not in the perfect shape and the scar makes them ugly or fits society's description of beauty. .

These beauty apps are all fun and games, except when it comes to compromising one's own insecurity. Users need to draw a clear line on where to stop using these apps.

What is beauty if it is not superficial?

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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