UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (2023)

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Our pick of the best cheap romantic getaways in England, Scotland and Wales

UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (1)

UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (2)

Ideal holiday in the UK for couples

Whether you're dating or have been together for decades, a romantic getaway is just what you need to get away from it all and reconnect in the peace and quiet of spectacular surroundings. Below are some of the best romantic getaways in the UK from ideal romantic destinations. We'll cover the polar opposite of busy city breaks. Choose from Lake District retreats, North Yorkshire cottages and a luxury spa hotel

  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (3)

    Lodging in Weybread Lakes

    farewell /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • W-LAN
    • garden
    • gas and electricity included

    Located on the border between Norfolk and Suffolk. Each of the cheap weekends at this retreat comes with its own private sauna and outdoor deck area that is home to your own private hot tub.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (4)

    sun hill shawls

    Police Burton /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • the park
    • gas and electricity included

    An impressive range of accommodation, ideal for a romantic getaway, they are the perfect base for exploring the Dales. There are picturesque towns, rivers and idyllic landscapes.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (5)

    Lodging at Henlle Hall Woodland

    Nº Oswestry /sleep 2


    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • garden
    • Wood stove

    These lodges are a nature lover's paradise, surrounded by vast landscapes and a diverse team of wildlife and outdoor activities.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (6)

    Inns in the North Seas

    Aspatria /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • W-LAN
    • garden
    • TV com Freeview

    Located on the Brayton Park Estate you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Uldale Fells and Skiddaw. Hotel services include golf, fishing and massages.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (7)

    Accommodation in Ardgartan Argyll

    squeeze /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • garden
    • travel cot/high chair

    Located on the shores of Loch Long, there are plenty of activities for all the family. Includes Segway safari, fishing, mountain bike rental and archery.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (8)

    Lodging in Charlesworth

    Summary /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • W-LAN
    • garden
    • BBQ hire (£15 pw)

    Set in peaceful woodland, you'll enjoy stunning views of Coombes Rocks, on the edge of the Peak District.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (9)

    Faweather Grange Cottages

    sou Ilkley-Moor /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • garden
    • flat screen TV

    Faweather Grange Lodges are award winning elevated spas offering unrivaled views across a wooded valley towards Ilkley Moor and beyond making them the ideal place to relax and unwind.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (10)

    the manor complex

    lace/sleep 2

    (Video) Cosy Lodge Getaway With My Boyfriend Vlog | BEST LODGE EVER!

    • whirlwind
    • the park
    • no smokers
    • Welcome pack

    A romantic retreat in an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty, this secret destination on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds combines modern luxury with the blessings of nature to provide you with the opportunity for a truly unforgettable private UK getaway.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (11)

    Raywell Hall Country Cottages

    Cottingham /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • W-LAN
    • garden
    • south facing deck

    Situated at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds Way, there are an abundance of walks, coastline and wildlife to enjoy. Ideal for couples looking to escape the city!

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (12)

    flusco wood

    Flusco, nº. Penrith /sleep 2

    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • garden
    • forest landscape

    This luxurious and exclusive holiday park is close to the Lake District and has stunning views of the North Downs.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (13)

    Parque Beaconsfield

    Shrewsbury /2-4 sleeping places

    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • gas and electricity included
    • only for adults

    This unique destination in rural Shropshire is set in beautiful scenery. It is fully furnished with French windows to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you while enjoying the couple's retreat to fulfill your dreams.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (14)

    Burnbake Forest Lodge

    Burn /4 personas

    • whirlwind
    • gas and electricity included
    • restaurant
    • Cot/high chair available

    Set amongst woodland and beautiful estates, these woodland resorts on the stunning Dorset coastline offer a sense of tranquility that complements the luxury of a Jacuzzi that can be enjoyed as part of a truly unique romantic getaway.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (15)

    Accommodation in the Kessock Highlands

    Nord-Kessock /sleep 2

    (Video) 10 of the best Weekend Breaks in the UK | Wanderlust

    • whirlwind
    • pets
    • W-LAN
    • garden

    The incredibly romantic atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands surrounds this fantastic retreat, fully equipped with a terrace and luxury Jacuzzi for you to enjoy the stunning scenery and sense of adventure of the perfect holiday.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (16)

    Herons Brook Retirement Shelters


    Set in peaceful woodland, Herons Brook Retreat is a popular romantic getaway for guests looking for a hot tub break in South Wales. With its 18-hole golf course, this beautiful park has an elegant country club atmosphere, perfect for spending time with a loved one.

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  • UK Hot Tub Romantic Getaways | weekends for couples (17)


    Launceston, Bude

    As a short break, they offer a unique opportunity to do just that, set in an orchard on Cornwall's wild and beautiful north coast, where stunning scenery and stunning nature will bring out the natural romance in the two of you.

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Choose a romantic place


The South

heart of england

the North

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sherwood forest

What makes these romantic getaways to the UK so special?

Sunset walks on the beach, a bike ride together, a meal for two, sipping a glass of wine in the warm bubbles of a Jacuzzi; All of these things scream romance, but we all have different tastes, so what makes the perfect romantic getaway?

9 things that make a romantic night shine

  • Enjoy an idyllic picnic in the woods
  • Explore castles or historic ruins
  • Enjoy a leisurely ride
  • Rent a rowing boat
  • Spend the day on a secluded beach.
  • Be competitive with a round of golf
  • Ride a bike
  • Visit the local farmers market.
  • Enjoy lunch in a country pub.

Big gestures are all very well, but sometimes it's the little things that make your time together unforgettable. We've gone over some of the most important things to make a truly amazing romantic vacation.

plan a surprise

Being predictable is not romantic, surprise your loved one with a getaway to any of the above places to keep the romance alive.
The good news is; It never hurts to keep an eye out for specials, off-peak discounts, and cancellations of some great deals.

the food of love

It has long been said that love runs through the stomach, and there is nothing more romantic than when your partner cooks an intimate meal for two. It doesn't have to be full candles and three plates, having a picnic or getting up early and driving to the nearest bakery for fresh croissants and coffee on a flowery breakfast tray.
Of course, a meal is special, and all of the above locations have great restaurants within walking distance.


Nothing like letting yourself be pampered to create a romantic atmosphere. Enjoying a relaxing massage together is an excellent way to relax and forget about the stress of everyday life for a while. Many holiday parks recognize this and offer on-site spa treatments or recommendations for those nearby, and almost all of the above romantic weekend getaways offer on-demand pampering packages for that extra special treat.

spend time together

Spending quality time together is an essential part of a romantic getaway.
You can take a walk in the countryside, rent a boat, spend the day in a secluded cove or join an activity together. This gives them a chance to talk, laugh, and enjoy each other's company.
Turn off your phone and electronic devices and focus on each other.


Paris andVenice, both are considered romantic destinations, why? Because they are beautiful! If that's the case, the above locations should also be considered romantic, as each is set in a stunning setting with majestic mountains, enchanted forests, or on the shores of a lake. Being in spectacular scenery releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, which are perfect for setting the mood for romance.

Cheap: True romance doesn't have to cost a fortune

Everyone likes a bit of luxury, there's no doubt about that. But just injecting a little romance into the relationship doesn't require a significant budget. There are cheap romantic getaways for couples; All you need is a small budget and a lot of imagination.

Travel Checklist for Birthdays or Valentine's Day

Packing for a romantic getaway requires just a little thought, here are some essentials:

  • Camera- All of the above romantic vacations take place in beautiful locations, so you'll want to capture the memories, maybe even include a selfie stick to take photos of the two of you together.
  • candles– Candles or tealights create a nice romantic atmosphere. Luxury vacations often feature sumptuous bathtubs, and a few scented candles around the hot tub immediately set the mood. Most spa getaways offer this.
  • comfortable shoes- You're definitely going for a walk together, and blisters are anything but romantic, so pack some sturdy shoes.
  • appetizers– Many of the romantic getaways above are in quiet rural settings, and while some have shops on-site or nearby, they may not be open when you arrive or may not have your favorite snacks in stock. Strawberries, grapes, and chocolates are romantic snacks to enjoy. You can even pack something for breakfast the next morning so you don't have to get up and go shopping.
  • wine / champagne- Nothing says romance like a dip in the jacuzzi with a glass of champagne, so be prepared.
  • An elegant outfit– You may spend a lot of time enjoying the luxury of your vacation home, but chances are you'll end up heading out for a romantic dinner at some point, so pack something glamorous just in case.
  • your favorite perfume- If you have one, carry your favorite perfume or aftershave in your bag, it is a special occasion after all.

The last word

A romantic weekend, whether in the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh coast or the Cumbrian lakes; it is the perfect opportunity to spend time together.

Forget the stress of day to day, not only that, but spending quality time with the person you love returns the spark to a relationship.

Nothing is more romantic than a luxury getaway to the countryside, and all of our romantic cabins are ideal for lovers, with extras like spa treatments and pampering packages.

They can also be enjoyed at any time of the year, which means that a romantic getaway for two with discounts and off-season deals can cost a lot less than you might think.

Imagine waking up in your king-size bed overlooking trees with myriad autumn leaf colors or the snow-capped Scottish mountains. Now that's romantic!

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Are you still looking? Experience hundreds of other great romantic vacations here.

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